InterEnergy Group Opens the Way for the Transition of Energy in Latin America through Electric Mobility

March, 2023

Rolando González Bunster, president and founder of the InterEnergy Group, announced at the XIV Ibero-American Entrepreneurial Meeting the inauguration of the first electric station in Central America and the Caribbean this coming July, which will be located in Bávaro, in the eastern portion of the Dominican Republic, with 28 fast-charging stations, all powered by 100% renewable energy

Santo Domingo, March 24, 2023. The InterEnergy Group is setting the course for the transition of the energy sector in the Caribbean and Central America regions, through the establishment of a sound project agenda in the field of renewable energy and electric mobility, as well as its commitment to zero emissions. The announcement was made by Rolando González Bunster, president and founder of the business group – parent company of CEPM, Energas and Evergo – at the XIV Ibero-American Entrepreneurial Meeting, where he participated at the “Infrastructure, Energy and Ecological Transition in Ibero-America” panel.

Electric mobility represents the launching pad for this group, and a way to help minimize the effects of climate change from a sustainable and innovative business commitment perspective. At the same time, González Bunster announced the inauguration of the first electric station in Central America and the Caribbean, this coming month of July. The station will be located in Bávaro, in the country ́s easternmost region. This space will allow the simultaneous charging of 28 electric vehicles with state-of-the-art fast-charging stations, all powered by 100% renewable energy. The location will also include restaurants, a mini-market and permanent exhibitions of electric vehicles, among other facilities.

This facility will represent one of the great milestones accomplished by the group through its Evergo brand, the most sophisticated and extensive network of charging stations in the region which, to date, has more than 500 stations in all the provinces of the Dominican Republic, and more than 15,000 in the Ibero-American region.

In addition to becoming one of the main options available in response to the challenges brought on by climate change, an exceptional advantage provided by electric mobility, as explained by the company executive during his participation at the event, is the savings and economic stability that it represents. “Electric vehicles represent a seven-time saving over combustion vehicle, for they do not require continuous maintenance, and are not subjected to the fluctuations of fossil fuel prices,” he explained.

Leading the Energy Sector ́s New Generation

The InterEnergy Group maintains a clear commitment to energy transition in the Ibero-American region through its development and expansion plans regarding clean generation. Also, through renewable assets, natural gas and electric mobility. In recent years it has expanded its radius of action, going from the Dominican Republic, to Panama and Jamaica, as well as to Chile and Uruguay. And, through Evergo, it has multiplied its outreach by going through Mexico, Aruba, Paraguay and Spain.

According to González Bunster: “We have a clear commitment regarding the evolution towards clean energy, as we have demonstrated in our 30-year history. We were born as a thermal energy generation company, and we are currently setting the course for the transition to renewable energies, featuring a broad portfolio in the region, which includes the largest wind farm in Central America and the Caribbean (located in Panama), in addition to the development of important decarbonization projects.”

In this aspect, the InterEnergy Group has played a key role towards the country’s goal of decarbonizing the electricity sector in the Dominican Republic, through the ambitious CEPM Zero Program. Through this program, the company aspires to turn CEPM into one of the top electricity companies in the world, reaching zero net emissions in this decade through the installation of 600MW of new solar, wind, pumped hydraulic, and green hydrogen power plants. The overall estimated investment will be approximately one billion dollars.

The plan has already ushered in important projects this year, producing 100MW of power, thus contributing to the transformation of a company that currently provides service to more than 65% of the national hotel sector.

The Ibero-American Entrepreneurial Meeting, the meeting point of the private sector ́s commitment to these issues – as well as the development of the business sector – brings together important government authorities and prominent representatives of institutions, multilateral organizations, business organizations and companies from the entire region.

In this, its 14th edition, González Bunster addressed issues that are of maximum importance to the region, such as: sustainability, climate action, social commitment and new financing models. Also, connectivity and digital transformation for productive and sustainable innovation; tourism in Latin America as the great lever for recovery; infrastructure, energy and ecological transition; gender equality as a transformation engine of these new transitional methods; and a commitment to investment, among others.

Rolando González Bunster was accompanied to the event by key executives of InterEnergy Group, such as Mr. Roberto Herrera, Country Manager of InterEnergy Group in the Dominican Republic, member of its Board of Directors, and Executive Director of CEPM.