Evergo presents the largest network of EV charging stations in the Dominican Republic and Panama

October, 2020

The Evergo technology platform has the goal of installing 500 vehicle charging stations in the Dominican Republic and another 500 in Panama by the end of 2021.

Evergo users will be part of the first international affiliates network of electric vehicle charging stations, which will provide the possibility of using the application in markets such as the United States.

Dominican Republic, October 14th, 2020. InterEnergy Group, through its innovation division, InterEnergy Systems, joins electric mobility with the official launch in the Dominican Republic and Panama of Evergo, the most sophisticated and largest network of electric charging stations in the region, with the main purpose of offering electric vehicle users the confidence of being able to reach their destination from anywhere in the country.

In a virtual event led by the main executives of the group, Rolando González Bunster, president of InterEnergy Group said: “Our business idea was born with the purpose of facilitating the conversion to electric mobility, with the purpose of contributing together to a more sustainable world. This constitutes one of our great projects as a team and to which I have special affection, for the importance of contributing to a legacy that ensures a more sustainable future for all. And this is a job that we are not doing alone.”

InterEnergy Group has already installed more than 150 charging stations in the Dominican Republic, connecting all regions of the country; with the goal of reaching more than 500 loading points in the Dominican Republic, and another 500 in Panama, before the end of 2021.

“This has been possible thanks to numerous pioneering brands, which are committed to the development of a more sustainable world. These brands have worked with us to offer all citizen the necessary confidence of traveling in an electric vehicle,” said Roberto Herrera, InterEnergy Group country manager in the Dominican Republic.

“We consider electric mobility as a key step to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), of which we are signatories. The new reality demands us a paradigm shift, and we lead by example: today, more than 50% of our company’s vehicles are electric and in 2021 we will also have the first sustainable mobility business strategy,” Herrera highlighted.

The world’s leading network of charging stations

Evergo users will be part of the first international affiliated network of electric chargers, which offers the possibility of using the application in markets such as the United States.

“We are promoting the first global interconnection of electric mobility networks, in a first stage with the United States, so that any Evergo user can use the OCA certified third-party networks, affiliated with our platform. This means that Evergo customers will be able to use the application they know and love in the tens of thousands of charging stations worldwide,” explained Oscar San Martín, general manager of InterEnergy Systems.

Evergo is the first intelligent network of electric vehicle charging stations that maximizes user experience through multiple interaction platforms such as: an app, RFID cards (radio frequency identification), WhatsApp Bot, and PWA (progressive web application). This flexible ecosystem adapts to the needs of users at all times, and provides a differentiated service.

Evergo operates with two types of chargers known as “fast charger”: the “semi-fast” or level 2; and the “super-fast”, level 3. These chargers, with a 50 kW capacity, allows the full charge of a vehicle in less than an hour.

With an app, available in the App Store and Google Play, the user can consult the nearest charging station, plan their route, reserve, pay through a virtual wallet and start charging. An ecosystem that maximizes the user experience, in order to facilitate and promote more sustainable mobility.