Evergo joins Wallbox to revolutionize electric mobility in Latin America

January 2023

Through its alliance with Wallbox, Evergo uses the most advanced technology in its ‘Evergo Fleet’ and ‘My Evergo’ solutions, allowing electric car users to manage the charging of their vehicles from their homes and businesses.

The agreement includes Pulsar Plus, the charger that has made Wallbox a worldwide leader in global residential charging, and the Commander 2 semi-public charger.

Barcelona. Evergo, the largest and most sophisticated network of charging stations for electric vehicles in Latin America and the Caribbean signed an alliance with Wallbox, one of the leading worldwide providers of charging and energy management solutions, in a joint effort to turn the Latin American region into the most advanced and innovative charging management system currently available on the market.

Through this alliance, Evergo and Wallbox revolutionize the transition towards electric mobility in Spain and Latin America. Both brands have come together to provide users their joint experiences in the use of cutting-edge technological ecosystems. Their alliance will also strengthen the introduction of new solutions, which will complement Evergo’s broad public charging infrastructure system with residential and corporate charging services.

Evergo thus becomes an official Wallbox distributor in 13 countries, including those that are currently in operation, such as the Dominican Republic, Panama, Jamaica, Uruguay, Mexico, Aruba, and Paraguay.

“We are excited to cross borders and expand the limits of mobility, allowing Latin America to have access to these cutting-edge generation systems, driving innovation and the creation of increasingly smart and sustainable cities. Our alliance with such a top-rated company such as Wallbox, helps us meet our objective of transforming mobility and transition towards a sustainable model tailored to current and future needs, but with a global outreach,” stated Rolando González Bunster, president and CEO of InterEnergy Group, Evergo’s parent company.

The addition of Wallbox chargers to the Evergo portfolio will allow existing residential charging to be improved and backed-up with a state-of-the-art technological system, specifically through the “My Evergo” and “Evergo Fleet” modalities.

Through My Evergo users will be able to manage their home chargers through a variety of options, such as automatically scheduling a charging session from their cellular phone or monitoring the energy that is being consumed in order to control home consumption. With Evergo Fleet, companies will be able to operate smart chargers in lots used to charge electric vehicle fleets.

These tools will speed-up the transition process of businesses and homes to a more sustainable and profitable system since, in addition to preventing air pollution, it will also reduce expenses and allow the user to have full control of the energy it is consuming.

Another important competitive advantage provided by Evergo to electric vehicle users is that they will be able to connect, in an increasingly growing number of countries, to the same intelligent platform that is used by all stations affiliated to the network.

Wallbox chargers included in this agreement are the Pulsar Plus, the world’s leading home- charging solution, and the Commander 2 semi-public charger. With a charging speed that ranges between 7.4 and 22kW, the Pulsar Plus features a compact and minimalist design. It weighs less than 1kg, making it an ideal charger to install in any charging location, both indoors and outdoors.

Likewise, the Commander 2 is the top charger currently featured in its portfolio. It is a solution mechanism designed for semi-public environments and, like the Pulsar Plus, allows charging speeds that range from 7.4 and 22kW.

“Since its launching in 2020, Evergo provides electric mobility to more than 700 charging stations throughout the Dominican Republic, Panama and Jamaica, allowing users of electric vehicles to travel long distances without worries. Now, through these new facilities, users will be able to count on the cutting-edge technology offered by Evergo to manage the charging of their vehicles from the comfort of their homes and businesses,” explained Roberto Herrera, Executive Director of Evergo Holdings.

“We are very pleased to have entered into this agreement with Evergo, one of Latin America ́s EV charging leaders. These actions are essential to ensure that this region has all the necessary elements to make it easier for drivers to switch to zero-emission mobility,” said Diego Martins, head of Wallbox in Latin America.

With operations in the Dominican Republic, Panama, Jamaica, Aruba, Paraguay, Spain and Mexico, Evergo has established itself as the leading network of fast and semi-fast charging stations in Latin America and the Caribbean, with an expansion plan that exceeds 15,000 stations for both public and residential charging needs.