ELMAR and InterEnergy Systems Dominicana join forces to drive sustainability and energy innovation in the Caribbean

October, 2023

In a joint effort towards sustainable development and reducing carbon emissions, this alliance promotes innovation and strengthens the region’s energy capabilities, encompassing advanced technologies such as locally developed software, electric mobility, and renewable energy.

La Altagracia, Dominican Republic. InterEnergy Systems (IESD), a Dominican company specializing in smart energy solutions and the operation of electric vehicle charging stations in Latin America, joins forces in partnership with ELMAR, the leading electricity provider in Aruba, with the aim of promoting sustainable energy solutions on the nearby Caribbean island.

This alliance represents a significant achievement for both the Dominican Republic and Aruba, as it highlights the ability of a national company, affiliated with the InterEnergy Group and the Punta Cana – Macao Energy Consortium (CEPM), to export technology developed by 100% Dominican talent on an international scale.

In Aruba, this strategic collaboration promises to significantly contribute to sustainability and the improvement of the island’s energy infrastructure. Through a Memorandum of Understanding, both companies are sealing a shared commitment to enhance the energy landscape in Aruba, marking the beginning of innovative approaches to energy distribution and sustainability throughout the region

“This alliance with ELMAR reflects a shared commitment to innovation and sustainable development in both countries, enhancing our energy capabilities and introducing innovative solutions that promote more resilient environments for the electrical sector, the environment, and society,” stated Oscar San Martín, General Manager of InterEnergy Systems Dominicana.

As part of this collaboration, InterEnergy Systems will provide administrative, commercial, and operational support to enhance ELMAR Aruba’s acquisition of essential software packages, including the Quatro Systems platform for energy digitization and efficient management, and the Evergo ecosystem for smart management of electric vehicle charging stations.

Additionally, IESD will work closely with ELMAR to provide training and development to its employees, focusing on key areas such as customer service, performance metrics, and technical skills related to electric mobility and energy-saving solutions.

“This alliance with InterEnergy Systems aligns with our vision of a sustainable and technologically advanced Aruba. By combining our strengths, we can optimize operations and provide better services to our customers while promoting sustainability,” stated Anthony Irausquin, Managing Director of ELMAR.

Furthermore, the alliance will explore opportunities to develop joint clean energy projects, including wind, solar, and innovative structures such as solar pergolas, designed for carbon emissions reductions and promote the use of renewable sources.

Finally, in the scope of electric mobility, ELMAR expressed its interest in acquiring IESD equipment to boost the expansion of charging networks, both in public spaces and residential areas. Additionally, this collaboration considers the possibility of ELMAR becoming a potential distributor of Evergo charging solutions on the island.

The collaboration between ELMAR and InterEnergy Systems represents a large-scale alliance that promises to significantly boost progress in energy technologies and sustainable development in our countries, laying the groundwork for a brighter and more ecological future in the Caribbean.

InterEnergy Systems Dominicana is the Innovation division of the InterEnergy Group, internationally recognized for being the birthplace of cutting-edge technological projects that are transforming the energy sector in Latin America and the Caribbean. From energy district solutions to smart electrical grids and advancements in electric mobility, IESD is leading the way in the development of innovative technologies, conceived and developed by a talented team of Dominican professionals.