Dominican President inaugurates the first Evergo charging stations for electric vehicles in the Colonial City

August 2021

Dominican President Luis Abinader inaugurated the first Evergo charging stations in the Colonial City, during an activity, accompanied by Roberto Herrera, Country Manager for the Dominican Republic of Interenergy Group; Carolina Mejía, mayor of the city of Santo Domingo; José Ignacio Paliza, Minister of the Presidency; Deligne Ascención, Minister of Public Works; among other authorities.

As part of the opening event, Roberto Herrera presented the charging instructions for these stations.
Evergo works from a self-service model, through an APP, available in the Apple Store and Google Play, enabling persons to consult the nearest charging station, plan their route, reserve, and pay through a virtual wallet before charging, among other benefits.

According to Roberto Herrera, “today we celebrate a historic milestone in electric mobility in America, with the inauguration of the first Evergo electric charging stations in the Colonial City in a public parking lot accessible to all citizens, with the firm intention of turning the first city of America into the first colonial city that will have charging stations for electric vehicles. Undoubtedly, this is a milestone that positions us as an innovative, modern country and committed to the environment.

Evergo is the largest and most sophisticated network of charging stations in the Dominican Republic. It has more than 300 charging stations distributed throughout this country.