CEPM’s Quatro Systems Recognized at CIER Innovation Awards 2023 for Trailblazing Energy Innovation

August, 2023

  • This system created by Dominican talent has proven to be an innovative and intelligent tool that gives customers unprecedented control over their electricity usage.
  • With the implementation of Quatro Systems, CEPM became the first and only energy distribution company in the country to operate its clients on an intelligent network.

La Altagracia, Dominican Republic, August 30, 2023 – The Punta Cana – Macao Energy Consortium (CEPM) proudly announces that its groundbreaking Quatro Systems has secured the esteemed second place in the Digitization category at the distinguished CIER Innovation Awards 2023. This achievement signifies a remarkable milestone, as it marks the first instance of a Dominican Republic energy company being internationally recognized for its trailblazing technological advancements. Quatro Systems, an embodiment of local ingenuity, stands as both a testament to national progress and a beacon of how technology can reshape the way people interact with energy consumption.

“Beyond a mere platform, Quatro Systems embodies the Dominican Republic’s capacity for innovation. It underscores how technology can fundamentally improve the quality of life, and we view this accolade as a significant stride toward a more sustainable and efficient future,” said Roberto Herrera, Executive Director of CEPM. ” As pioneers in technological advancement within the energy sector, we are determined to lead the way, and this award fuels our commitment to excellence.”

At its core, Quatro Systems empowers consumers by granting unprecedented control over their electricity usage. A true game-changer, the system introduces flexible prepaid and postpaid options, enabling users to make informed decisions about their energy consumption and adapt habits in alignment with their needs and financial means.

Embedded in its design is a fundamental principle of customer empowerment, redefining the traditional relationship with electric power. Users can access real-time consumption insights, perform energy audits, and adjust usage patterns through multiple avenues like a mobile app, a WhatsApp bot, and a virtual office.

Beyond its role as an emblem of Dominican innovation, Quatro Systems is a technological marvel in its own right. Its adaptable nature allows seamless integration with diverse makes and models of smart meters, rendering it a versatile choice for any business seeking its implementation. This innovation transcends borders, having been exported to nations such as Costa Rica, Aruba, and Chile, revolutionizing energy sectors on a global scale.

The implementation of Quatro Systems has cemented CEPM as the nation’s first and sole distribution company to operate all clients within an intelligent network. Since its launch in 2014, the system has exhibited exponential growth, serving over 55,000 customers, 70% of whom are prepaid users.

Internally, Quatro Systems has reshaped operational paradigms, abolishing field outages and reconnections. This shift has liberated the workforce, enabling them to concentrate on statistical analyses and proactive solutions.

Quatro System resides within InterEnergy Systems, the innovation arm of InterEnergy Group, CEPM’s parent company. This strategic partnership with a pioneering force in innovation and energy development underscores CEPM’s unwavering dedication to advancing the industry while empowering customers through cutting-edge solutions.