InterEnergy leads the future of energy transformation, focusing on renewable generation.

June 2022

During his participation in the IV CEO Summit of the Americas, the president and founder of InterEnergy Group, Rolando González Bunster, explained the important role that this group is playing regarding the energy transition needed for a cleaner future, with a main focus on renewable energies.

Los Angeles, June 9, 2022. The future of the energy sector is heading towards the generation of renewable energy, but there is a path that the sector must travel to achieve a process that will be sustainable over time, mainly through the introduction of increasingly renewable sources of generation that are less contaminating. This was stated by Rolando González Bunster, president and founder of InterEnergy Group, parent company of CEPM and Evergo, during his participation in the IV CEO Summit of the Americas, organized by the United States Chamber of Commerce, in Los Angeles, California.

“I am firmly convinced that the future is renewable. It is only a matter of time. But it is not just about jumping towards renewable energies. There is an intermediate process that we must go through in order to reach a sustainable transition,” said González Bunster.

In this regard, the InterEnergy Group has played a leading role in the Latin American and Caribbean regions, where this group has a presence, through a decarbonization program of its power plants and the replacement of Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) for cleaner energies solutions such as natural gas, which is considered the fossil fuel that has the least environmental impact. “Hand in hand with our partners at AES Panama, we are in the process of building the Generadora Gatún generation plant, which will be the largest and most efficient natural gas power plant in Panama and Central America, with a capacity of 670 MW,” explained CEO González Bunster.

This impulse also translates into innovative solutions for its clients, as is the case in Panama of the SER Initiative (Supply of Renewable Energy), a program that allows combining the supply of 100% renewable energies to its large clients; and the first District Energy Project in the Caribbean, which is the case of the Dominican Republic. This system uses the energy that is lost from plant operations to generate hot water, steam and ice water used by hotels.

In this country, as announced by the group at the beginning of the year, they are leading an ambitious decarbonization program with the goal of turning the CEPM company into one of the first electricity companies in the world to reach zero net emissions in this decade, through the installation of 600MW of new solar, wind, pumped hydro and green hydrogen power plants through an estimated investment of US$1,000 million. This plan is part of its “CEPM Zero” initiative, which aims to make the Dominican Republic the first tourism destination to become a global sustainable model.

Energy Transformation, Through Electric Mobility

Another key point where InterEnergy is marking unprecedented leadership is in the advancement of electric mobility through the installation of the most sophisticated charging infrastructure for electric vehicles in the region, which this year will add more than 4,000 charging points between the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Panama, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Paraguay, Uruguay and Aruba, among many other expansion markets.

In this sense, one of the group’s next projects, as announced by González Bunster, is the creation of the first charging station in the region. That is, a service station for electric vehicles only. It will be situated in the Dominican Republic´s eastern region.

In short, as Rolando González Bunster expressed during the Forum, this company has undergone an unprecedented transformation towards the generation of clean energy.

“Experience has shown us, in our 30-year history, that evolution and progress is all but a matter of time. Energy transformation is a fact; and, from InterEnergy Group, we are leaders in the goal for a clean transition to that future, primarily focused on renewable generation,” concluded the president of InterEnergy Group.

At the IX Summit of the Americas, Rolando González Bunster participated in the Caribbean Energy Sector Resilience Reception, sponsored by John Kerry, United States Presidential Special Envoy for Climate, and the U.S. Agency for International (USAID). Other participants included Dominican Foreign Minister Roberto Álvarez and Mr. Antonio Almonte, Minister of Energy and Mines, among other important members of the country´s public and private sector.

During the event, he participated in a panel discussion on the role of the private sector in the transition to clean energy and climate security. The panel´s title was “Caribbean Climate and Energy Security Initiative (CESI) 2030”.

As part of the InterEnergy Group delegation, Rolando González Bunster was accompanied by Mr. Roberto Herrera, country manager of InterEnergy Group in the Dominican Republic, member of its Board of Directors and Executive Director of CEPM. Also, Mónica Lupiañez, country manager of the group in Panama and Director of the Renewables Division.