CEPM is a standalone electrical utility, generating, transmitting and distributing electricity in an exclusive concession area in the east of the DR. With 300MW of installed capacity serving over 50,000 hotel rooms and over 45,000 low-voltage clients, as well as being the most efficient power generator on the island.

The company currently operates in two concession areas, serving primarily the fastest growing hotel and resort area in the Dominican Republic, Punta Cana and Bávaro. In addition to this, CEPM serves hotels in, and the surrounding areas of, Puerto Plata, Samaná (the north and north east of the island respectively) and Bayahíbe (the south eastern end of the island).

During 2013, CEPM made two key investments, helping it further diversify its product base to serve the needs of its clients.

District Heating & Cooling – The engines at CEPM’s central generation facility produce waste heat from the exhaust gases and this heat is captured, to heat water and send via tubes at temperatures above 100 C˚ to the industrial installations at specific hotels (absorption chillers and heat exchangers), providing hot and cold water solutions to hotels located near the CEPM power plant.

MCR Acquisition – CEPM has acquired 50% of Servicios TV Satelite, S.R.L. (“MCR”), a telecommunications company with presence in Bávaro, to offer pay TV and internet through its existing fiber network and telecom license. MCR and CEPM offers digital television service to hotels in the area, provide film and channel rights through its related company, Guest Choice TV, and provide wi-fi and internet access. The company brand name today is ACTIVA, reaching more than 13,000 r clients and 24,000 hotels rooms.

In 2018, InterEnergy Group embarks on the most important investment program in CEPM which reaffirm its commitment to the Dominican tourism sector.

These investments include the installation in Bávaro of conventional and solar generation, a Static VAR Compensator (SVC) in the transmission network, as well a Storage and regasification plant and new platforms for the supply of thermal energies for the hotel industry.