Jesus Bolinaga
General Manager

Mr. Bolinaga currently serves as the General Manager of Consorcio Energetico Punta Cana-Macao where he leads his team through various current and new energy development projects. Prior to being appointed at the General Manager at CEPM in 2013, he served as the General Manager at AES SUL, an energy distribution company in Brazil, and AES Dominicana en the Dominican Republic. At AES SUL, together with AES Electropaulo, they distributed to 54,409 GWh2 of energy to the captive market and to free clients in 142 cities via 203 substations. They managed 105,066.8 km of overhead power grid along with 3,134.9 km of underground power grid.

At AES Dominicana, Mr. Bolinaga was the President and Country Manager for AES, a global power company working in 23 countries worldwide. He was responsible for AES Dominicana’s two deep draft port infrastructures, the Liquid Natural Gas terminal at AES Andres and the Itabo International Port receiving coal and other types of bulk materials. Mr. Bolinaga was responsible for generating and supplying approximately 40% of the Dominican Republic’s energy demand.

Mr. Bolinaga’s extensive experience in the power sector has led him through markets in Argentina, the USA, England, and Venezuela, where he has specialized in managing power companies, using his versatile skills to navigate distinct landscapes.