Felipe P. Maciá
Associate Manager

Felipe Maciá is an Associate at InterEnergy Partners.  In addition to his role in financial and strategical analysis for InterEnergy Partners and InterEnergy Holdings, Mr. Maciá is involved in the management of the Company’s portfolio and responsible for all of the back office and operations management of both the Company and InterEnergy Partners.

Mr. Maciá joined InterEnergy at inception, as part of the team that structured the various transactions that led to the formation of the company.  He joined Flavio S. Pinheiro at the start of 2011 to focus on private equity investments.  Prior to this position, Mr. Maciá was a Vice President with ICD Group International, a boutique industrial commodities trading firm. He specialized in resins for Latin America and the Caribbean and spent considerable time focused on the banana industry in Ecuador and the consumer goods industry in Colombia.

He also developed ICD’s metals trading division’s presence in the United States alongside ICD’s senior trader in 2008. Prior to his work at ICD, he spent a year with Edward D. Jones & Co. in St. Louis, MO on their international fixed income desk.