Formed in 2011 by private equity fund InterEnergy Partners LP, InterEnergy Holdings (“InterEnergy”), whose roots are in the power generation business and continue today, owns and operates power distribution assets in Latin America and the Caribbean. Today, InterEnergy owns and operates businesses in the Dominican Republic, Panama, Jamaica, and Chile.

InterEnergy’s generation portfolio aggregates approximately 1,2500 MW of installed capacity across the region. InterEnergt is also the exclusive supplier of electricity to the fast growing tourism resort area of Punta Cana-Bavaro, covering over 50,000 hotel rooms and over 40,000 low-tension clients.

A pioneer in renewable energy, InterEnergy developed the Quilvio Cabrera and Los Cocos projects, the first wind farms in the Dominican Republic, which started operations in 2011 with over 86 MW in installed capacity.

In April 2014, InterEnergy acquired UEPII, a wind development project located in Penonome (Panama): Laudato Si’ is the largest wind-power Project in Central America and the Caribbean. With an initial investment of 436 million dollars. Located 160 kms from Panama City in the province of Penonome, the wind farm sits on 47 thousand acres and features 86 Goldwind Permanent Magnet Direct Drive (PMDD) turbines.

Connected to the national grid in 2014, the wind park diversifies the energy matrix, eases the country’s dependence on imported fossil fuels, stabilizes the energy prices and contributes to the reduction of CO2emissions.

Also in Panama, InterEnergy Group developed the solar park IKAKOS, the first photovoltaic project in Central America for InterEnergy. Located in the province of Chriquí, it produces 85 GWh of clean energy and started supplying electricity to the national grid in 2017. This technology eliminates about 153,000 barrels of crude oil per year, and provides electricity to over 20,000 homes.

InterEnergy expanded its renewable portfolio to Chile, through its subsidiaries, Raki & Huajache with a combined installed capacity of 15 MW. Located 650 km south of the capital Santiago, the wind-farms joined the national grid in 2015. And more recently, in 2018 InterEnergy purchased a portfolio of 12 solar photovoltaic projects throughout the Central Valley, totaling in 45 MW of installed capacity.

In 2015 InterEnergy Group bought 55% of Pedregal Power, a power plant near Panama City, consisting of 55 MW. The plant has the highest dispatch of any thermal plant in Panama. It provides the Company the flexibility of mixing thermo, wind and solar energies for their customers.

These investment was part of a commitment made by InterEnergy at the Clinton Global Initiative meeting, held in Rio de Janeiro in December 2013, to expand our renewable energy efforts. In addition to our presence in the Dominican Republic and Panama,

Our goal is to become a sector leader in our investment region by continuing to acquire and invest in businesses that bring efficient, clean and cost-effective energy to our markets.